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199) Elegant Very High Comb North German Embossed Morion Circa 1600, From The Armory Of A European Prince. Be the second permanent owner in 415 years. High roped medial comb with swept brim, lining rivets, missing rossets, embossed with a hexafoil within a circle bordered by stylized acanthus foliage. Priced to Sell!* 200) Exceptional German War Burgonet Circa 1600 directly from the Wurttemberg Armory in South Western Germany. In 100% original mint condition with the exception of a slight touch up on the black finish perhaps 100 years ago. With that exception it is as identical to the day it was made. Officers grade armor in this condition with a perfect provenance is very difficult to find. It has the Wurttemberg City Armory mark on the visor which is only reserved for exceptional grade armor.

I have attached pictures from the book: H. Bidermann, Burg Kornberg: Wohnsitz des Ritters Götz von Berlichingen, Schwäbisch Hall, 1980, p. 203, pls 199 & 207, which shows a near identical example with armory mark also. The burgonet being offered actually has better construction than the one in the book. The author, Herbert Biddermann, was the government assigned armor expert for the city of Wurttemberg. You won't find a better one than this and priced to sell*

201) Oak Gothic Frieze Circa 1510 depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph along with the Holy spirit fleeing King Herod to safety in Egypt; Large 47x9x6 inches in exceptional museum quality condition. Very elegant and a conversation piece for any office, living room or den. Contact Us!* 202) AN ELEGANT COMPOSITE SOUTH GERMAN GORGET WITH ETCHED DECORATION, AUGSBURG, CIRCA 1550-60
The decoration of the uppermost lames of the collar can be compared with that found on a group of Augsburg pieces preserved in the Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer, Vienna, Inv. No. A376 (Ortwin Gamber & Christian Beaufort, Katalog der Leibrüstkammer: II. Teil, Führer durch das Kunsthistorische Museum, Busto Arsizio, 1990, p. 165, pls 74-5, but they're wrongly identified as of Innsbruck make). Other pieces of this design can be found in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York (G. F. Laking, A Record of European Armour and Arms, Vol. II, London, 1921, fig. 1068) and the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds. Contact Us!*
194) Rare Flemish Burgonet Circa 1580. From the region currently known as Belgium. In very good condition with a makers mark and an armory control number on the left ear flap. The left ear also has some slight working life battle damage. It would make a great addition to any collection. Priced to sell today at $3,400. Contact Us* 196) Exceptional Etched North Italian (Brescia) Morion Circa 1580!!! Heavy Officers Grade,one piece construction. Conserved to museum standards. 32CM
Priced to sell for about half of what an etched Brescian morion normally sells for. Owners need it sold this weekend*
197) Amazing Etched Pisan (North Italian) Half Suit… 100% Homogenous… Circa 1580-1600… In Mint Condition… Museum Quality!!! Almost Certainly From The Circle Of Lucio Piccinino. What makes it so special is that its in mint condition and 100% homogenous (all the parts were made for the same suit/person). This museum quality gem is being offered by one of my clients and is very well priced to sell today. They do not come up this nice very often. Owners need it sold this weekend* 198) Rare German Etched Morion Circa 1580. During the era of 1570-1610 the Germans preferred the burgonet as their choice in combat helmet. As a result German morions are relatively rare when compared to the number of burgonets that have survived an enjoyed by collectors today. What makes this example exceptionally rare is that its German and etched and must have belonged to a high ranking officer. Priced to Sell!*
187) Officers Quality German Burgonet Circa 1580. Elegant....Superb....Great Condition! Much nicer and lower price than the ones you see at auction. Priced to sell!* 188) A Very Elegant Officers Grade German Cuirassier Helmet Circa 1620. It has little conservation and condition is excellent for a 400 year old helmet. It has retained some of the original leather. Would look very nice in any collection. Owner says "Make me an offer I can't refuse!"* 190) An exceptionally well made German Circa 1600 Jousting suit (Victorian reproduction). If this suit were period it would be over $600,000. It had been sold in the past as a period suit. It is probably the work of Winkelmeyer of Vienna. Contact for more information*. 191) An exceptionally elegant German Morion circa 1600 with an impeccable provenance. Bought directly from The Armory of the Princely House of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Castle. Be the second permanent owner in over 400 years! Priced to Sell!
181) Museum Quality German Armada Chest, 17th century. With base and handles, the front painted with a gentleman and a lady. On conical base with openwork of flower branches. H. 14.1 x W. 17.7 x D. 10.3 cm (inc. base).100% period with no restorations for the discriminating collector who only wants the best. Contact Now!*
183) An extremely elegant German Bishops Mantel circa 1580 with the absolutely smallest riveted rings I have ever seen. There must be close to 100,000 rings all made and rivet by hand. A grain of rice can barley fit inside the ring, truly the work of a master armorer. It has about 1/3 of the original brass rings at the top of the neck and edges. Bishops mantels were used in conjunction with helmets to protect the back of the neck. You won't find a better one at it's sell today price. Contact Now!* 184) Museum Quality Very Large German Twin Door Knockers Chest Circa 1650 From A Rhine Church A+ !!! Hand Forged Work Of A Renaissance Master Metal Smith.Museum Piece For Any Antique, Armor, Sword Collector who only wants the best. Hand Forged Not Cast. With a slight modification at the connecting arm so they can be installed on a contemporary door. Contact Now!* 185) A fine and rare South German Infantry Breastplate with etched decoration, Circa 1560 by Wolfgang Großschedel of Landshut with heavy medially-ridged main plate projecting forward over the belly, flanged outwards at its lower edge to receive a fauld and fitted at each arm-opening (the left damaged) with moveable gussets decorated with roped inward turns matching those at the neck-opening and surmounted by double-ended buckles to receive shoulder straps, and finely etched in bands and borders on a stippled and blackened ground with scrolling foliage and flowerheads, involving at the neck a pair of reclining nudes, and in the central band with trophies of arms (some light patination overall)
35.6cm; 17in

Provenance Gallerie Fischer, Lucerne, 22 June 1960, lot 56 Harold L. Peterson, Christie's, 5 July 1978, lot 178

Wolfgang Großschedel was first recorded working for Henry VIII in the royal workshops at Greenwich in 1517/18 but returned to Landshut soon after to become a citizen there in 1521. He is recorded as owning a house in the New Town in 1549 and very soon afterwards started to receive patronage from both the Spanish and Imperial courts. He was joined in his business by his son Franz from at least as early as 1555 and died in or very shortly after 1562. The decoration of our breastplate resembles that of a series of armours thought to have been delivered by him in 1560 for the use of the Emperor and his companions in a Vienna tournament of that year (Norman 1962, pp. 12-13).
Priced to Sell!*
173) French cross is circa 1650 however the Christ is Gothic circa 1500.  It was very common to re-wood crosses once their original cross was decimated by the ravages of time. It's large at almost 26 inches (including the base). Contact Us Today!* 175) Rare Maximilian Suit Of Armor Primarily Circa 1520 Cap I Pie. Probably the most sought after item for any collector of Arms and Armor is a complete Maximilian suit of Armor. Priced for quick sale. Please inquire for complete details. Contact Us Today!* 178) A super rare large German Armada Cabinet circa 1600 (17 X 12 X 10.5 inches). It is unrestored in original condition with original key. This is the only one I have seen on the market in 30 years. It is very reasonably priced for a quick sale. Priced to sell!*

179) German Lobstertail Helmet Circa 1600-20 from the Higgins Armory Museum: Acquired by the Higgins from a sale of armor at the Anderson Galleries in New York on March 2 1927 of the Archduke Eugen Austrian armory.

The lobster-tailed  helmet being derived from the Ottoman Turkish 'chichak' (Turkish - çiçak) helmet, which developed in the late 16th century.

The helmet has the Higgins Inventory numbe 152, making it one of the first pieces acquired by Higgins for his museum. Size: H. 10.0x W. 11.0x D. 18.0" Weight: 4.2lbs

Priced to sell at $1,495 with free shipping in the US. Contact Now!*

165) Exceptional Italian Etched-To-Death Officer's Italian Morion Circa 1600. Best one seen in 20 years. Owner Says Sell!!!* 166) German Closed Helmet Circa 1600 With Gorget. A good center piece for any collection. Has a very nice working life repair on the left pivot, appears to have been hit by a mace. Owner Says Sell!!!* 167) German Officers Grade Lobstertail / Zischagge Circa 1620-30 With Original Finish And Original Lining. Exceptional helmet with beautifully decorated tail. One piece hemispherical skull with period associated cheek pieces and restored nasal.
The best and most original Zischagge on the market in many years. Priced to Sell!!!*
168) North Italian One piece Morion Circa 1580. Original hammer finish. High roped medial comb and incised lines at base. Condition as shown. Without a doubt part of the Fenton and Sons hoard found after WW I. Priced under $3,000 for quick sale. Contact Us Today!*
159) Pieta German Circa 1520. Limewood. German/Austrian Carved limewood: "Pieta" Jesus' lifeless body is held by Virgin Mary, emanating serenity and acceptance of the dead Christ and with faith in the Redeemer. Size: 1ft L 8in W x 2ft H Weight: 24.4lb Condition: Minor wear on wood, crack on Virgin Mary's right shoulder, back has a large crack, wear and worm holes especially at the base. Priced To Sell!!!* 162) Exceptionally Elegant Etched & Gilded Full German Suit Circa 1580. Owner says sell today!! Contact us for all the details* 163) Flemish burgonet of about 1600 and came from the armoury of the Earls of Pembroke at Wilton House, Wiltshire. It originally had cheek-pieces of death's-mask form. However, these were cut back around 1620-30 to open up the face and fit a nasal-bar in its place. It is typologically and historically a very elegant and  interesting piece for any collection. Contact us for all the details* 164) Solothurn Armory half suit of armor - virtually all parts are marked with Solothurn arsenal marks. Solothurn Armory is the second largest armory for 16/17th century arms and armor in Europe, it is located in Switzerland. This isa gem of a suit.Owner Says Sell!!!*
150) Exceptional English Pikemans suit circa 1630 with Buff undercoat. If you want a good one with makers marks and in exceptional condition this is it. Owner Say's " Drop The Price And Let's Sell It Today. "
(sword and bill not included) Priced To Sell!!!**
146) Maximilian Italian Infantry Breastplate Circa 1520 From The Great Siege of Rhodes. Provenance Ex Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Restoration to the back, missing gusset. 34CM. Priced To Sell!!!*
149) An exceptional  Museum quality North Italian gilded, etched and blued morion dated 1600 with the Coat of Arms from the Tyrolean family of Bredel l. Priced To Sell!!!*
152) Exceptional Etched To Death B&W Cuirass Circa 1560!!! Museum Quality... Owner says sell today! Priced To Sell!!!*
76) A HOMOGENOUS GERMAN CUIRASSIER'S ARMOR CIRCA 1590: Former European museum collection.One of the finest post war cuirassier's armors ever to reach the market. The center piece of any collection. Originally slated for acquisition by one of the finest Arms and Armour museums in the world. Seldom does an armor of this quality reach the market. In the Andrew Garcia collection for over 10 years. 100% homogenous with the exception of the fingers/gauntlets. If you want the absolute best here it is. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
103) Close German Helmet Circa 1570... Museum Quality ...100% Original Mint Condition... From The Armory Of The Princes of Hanover and Dukes of Brunswick Royal Collection Marionberg Germany... Museum Piece For Any Antique Armor, Sword Collector who only wants the best!!! Exceptionally rare opportunity To own a piece of European history for a fraction of what the European auction houses charge!!! Museum Curators Description: A skull formed in two pieces joined by a turn along the crest of a high medial comb and fitted at the nape with a small tubular plume-holder, visor, upper bevor and bevor attached by common pivots, each secured at the right side by a spring-catch the visor pierced beneath its centrally divided vision-slit with fourteen rhomboid ventilation-holes, the upper bevor pierced with sixteen vertical ventilation-slots, and two gorget-plates front and rear, the lowest in each case decorated with a recessed border, and fitted throughout with domed lining rivets 43cm; 17in high Priced To Sell Today!!!*
143) A museum quality German Armada Chest with original key and decorative elements circa 1650. Size 16"h x 25.25"w x 13"d. Priced To Sell at under $3,600!!!* 92) Marble Madonna Staute -circa 1450. A superb example of Gothic Catholic iconography. Contact Us Today!!!*

72) AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE PAIR OF SOUTH GERMAN ETCHED AND GILT GAUNTLETS CIRCA 1560 LANDSHUT FROM WARWICK CASTLE ATTRIBUTED TO WOLFGANG GROSSSCHEDEL: Each formed of a flared and obtusely-pointed cuff with fixed inner plate its upper edge turned inwards and bearing slight traces of file-roping the lower end of its outer plate decorated over the ulna with an almond-shaped boss six upward-overlapping metacarpal-plates shaped knuckle-plate and finger-plate finely etched and gilt in recessed borders and medial bands and on the knuckle- and finger-plates with bands of arabesque interlace and at the upper edges of each metacarpal-plate with narrower bands of rectangular guilloche PROVENANCE Warwick Castle inv. no. A044. Arabesque ornament of the kind recorded here occurs on several south German garnitures of the third quarter of the 16th century mainly connected with the former Imperial armoury in Vienna. Elements of these garnitures are now widely dispersed as a result of the plundering of the armoury by Napoleonic troops in 1805. They can be seen in the Hofjagd-und R stkammer Vienna Inv. Nos A925 A1118 A2259 & B126 the Musée de l Armée Paris Cat. Nos G.62 and 63 the Wallace Collection London Cat. No. A38 the Royal Armouries Museum Leeds Inv. Nos II. 172 & VI. 62 the Museum Narodowe Cracow the Museo Stibbert Florence Cat. No. 147. In some cases the decoration has a blackened ground while in others as here it has a gilt one. The decoration of the gauntlets catalogued here most closely resembles that of the Landshut piece. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
60) Hannover Maximilian Helmet Circa 1520: Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections. I originally bought this magnificent helmet at the Princes of Hanover and Dukes of Brunswick auction 6 years ago in Marienberg Germany. I sold it and the current owner who now needs to sell it. If you are looking for a 100% homogenous  Maximilian helmet with an  impeccable provenance ( I was the second owner in almost 500 years) this is it. Owner Wants Offers!!!*

104) A NORTH GERMAN CLOSE HELMET FOR FIELD USE, CIRCA 1570 Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections: One-piece skull rising to a high-roped comb and fitted at the nape with a later small tubular plume-holder, visor and bevor attached by common pivots (replaced, the visor with an early repair at the rear), each secured at the right side by a spring-catch, the visor pierced beneath its stepped, roped and centrally divided vision-slit with a series of circular breathes, and two associated gorget-plates front and rear, the lowest in each case decorated with a file-roped turn (areas of pitting and light rust) 40.7cm; 16in high Priced To Sell Today!!!*

135) Exceptionally Rare Italian Sallet/ Barbute Circa 1450 From The Great Siege of Rhodes, Knights Of The Order Of Saint John!!! Appears on page 8 in the book Medieval Armor From Rhodes by curators Walter Karcheski ( Higgins Armory) and Thom Richardson (Royal Collections). The Siege of Rhodes of 1522 was the second attempt by the Ottoman Empire to expel the Knights Of The Order Of St John from their island stronghold and thereby secure Ottoman control of the Eastern Mediterranean. This Is A Very Rare Piece Of European History at a fraction of what the auction houses charge. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

13) A HOMOGENOUS SOUTH GERMAN FLUTED HELMET FOR FIELD USE IN THE SO-CALLED MAXIMILIAN FASHION CIRCA 1510-20 FROM THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF SAINT JOHN DURING THE SEIGE OF RHODES AND INVARIABLY TAKEN AS WAR BOOTY TO ST IRENES IN ISTANBUL comprising close helmet formed of a broad rounded one-piece skull with bellows visor and bevor attached by a pair of low-domed common pivots the visor prominently stepped beneath its centrally-divided vision-slit pierced in three rows with ten horizontal ventilation-slots and fitted at its right side with a lifting-peg the bevor flanged outwards at its lower edge to form a short neck-guard (slightly trimmed at its center the flange and left side of the bevor each showing riveted and brazed repairs) and secured to the right side of the skull by a spring-catch (push-button replaced) and one lame of a rear neck-guard collar of four lames front and rear (the top front lame with a later hole at the center the lowest front lame with a large patch at the left side the lowest rear lame with minor chips and cracks at its main edges). Priced To Sell Today!!!* 64) Cannonball from the wreck site of the famous English Mary Rose. Found almost 50 years ago, the site can no longer be dived. This is a piece of British history. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 109) From the armory of the Earl Of Pembroke. Homogenous closed helmet circa 1550 with original black finish! Sold  at Wilton House in the Sotheby’s sale of 1923. It was bought by a Dutch Museum who recently sold it. Now you can be the 3rd owner in over 450 years. . Priced To Sell Today!!!* 68) Almost Pair German gauntlets, circa 1590. Provenance: Fingask Castle, Rait, by Perth, Christie's sale, 26-28 April 1993, lot 637. Flared cuffs rope-turned borders, four downward turning knuckle plates, later finger-plates bordered by incised lines and riveted to buff leather (2) 13inches (33cm) long. Priced To Sell Today!!!*


111) Museum Quality Maximilian Armor circa 1515-20. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 82) Exceptional Door Lock Circa 1600. Very large over 12 inches. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

16) Exceptionally rare Nuremberg Mail Shirt makers seal circa 1500. Found in Bott Germany.This would identify the maker of the mail shirt as having been a member of the Nuremberg guild. Priced To Sell Today!!!*


74) French Processional Challenge Lance (throw-down spear) from the Higgins Armory Museum. Circa late 16th century. This is NOT a jousting lance. It has about 80% of its original gilding. It has a Higgins acquisition seal and is in very good shape. I would date it at 1580-90. It's 100 inches long. All cloth items are 19th century about 1880. Super Rare item Priced To Sell Today!!!*

75) Hungarian Spangelhelm 8th-10th century. Exceptional condition. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

5) Italian composite suit circa 1570. Sword not included. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

108) Very Nice Black & White German Half Suit Circa 1580. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

17) Italian Gilt Wood Cathedral Tabernacle Door circa 16th century. Measures 15" H. Own a piece of European history. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
79) Exceptional Large 18 inch  Lock Circa 1600, Provenance the Higgins Armory Museum. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 85) Circa 1600 ivory Christ. Exceptionally beautiful and superb condition. The work of a master carver. Large 8 1/2 inches. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 86) Exceptionally large 18.2 inch German wine jug circa 1600. Highly decorated in superb condition. Bearded face on neck, representing Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino (1542-1621), who was a bitter opponent to Protestantism. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 88) Prosetional Byzantine Bronze Crosses circa. 8th-10th century. Large measures 4.75 H. Unlike the ones you see on Ebay this one is the real thing. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
9) Catalan Painting circa 1450. Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. Provincial Catalan. In Frame: 79 x 54cm., Panel: 63 x 38cm., 3cm thick. [Provenance: Private NY collection since 1950's, not seen on market since]. An extremely rare and early Crucifixion, which is seldom seen on the market. Contact Us Today!!!* 96) Exceptionally elegant 15th century Spanish (Hispano-Moresque) mortar, cast in bronze, the exterior octagonal with everted rim and flared base, applied with single handle supporting a ring of wrought iron, with pestle. Height: 11cm Width/Diameter: 18cm. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 126) Exceptionally Well Etched German Visor From A Burgonet Circa 1570-80 belonging to a high ranking Knight Or Member of Royalty. Attributed To Leonhard Meurl of Innsbruck. Most likely taken as war booty by Napoleons troops from the Imperial armory in Vienna. Priced to sell today at US$5,995. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 91) A SUPER RARE Bell Metal Cooking Pot. Not only is the size great measures 6in tall and 7in across on the bottom, wonderful belly shaped and color patina is outstanding on this 1550-1659 piece. Flare to the top is super. The seam is made in a sand casting in two pieces. Rings just like a bell. Wonderful 16th Century - early 17th Centura peice. This example is the second one out of my own 17th Century collection. Look close at the detail going up the handle with a snake head on the base. Lots of copper color in this pot which also shows it to be of Dutch origin. Yes, these were used to cook in and boil down meat for lamps. Calling them Flesh Posts. Caudrins. No damage or repairs. Dutch origin. Great piece of metalware. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
98) Exceptionally large (over 12 inches tall)  signaling cannon German/Austrian circa 1600. You will not find a bigger one in better condition anywhere. 31cm x 17cm x 5.3cm Priced To Sell Today!!!* 99) German/Austrian,Iron Anvil Circa 1600. Iron forging anvil with dark age patina. Broad face, with beautiful Renaissance decorations. Height 26cm, width 32.5cm, weight about 100 LBS. Very decorative anvil with beautiful Renaissance decorations. Ever wonder what swords and armor was forged on? Great addition to any arms and armor collection. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 118) Exceptionally Early German Black & White Breast Plate with original Skirt. Circa 1550 in Museum Quality Condition. This is not the typical B&W breast plate you see at most auctions. Priced To Sell at under $4,999! 84) Circa 1600 Gun Proof Shield From The Tower of London. Mint Museum piece that made it's way out of the Tower due to human error. To late it got away and I own it and now you can to. Original black finish, the spike like all of them is an ancient replacement. One of the few items to get away from the Tower. This is a piece of British history. Contact Us Today!!!*
102) Circa 1580-1600 etched Italian Morion. Good condition with working life repair. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

8) Italian one piece Morion with original finish circa 1580. Museum quality one of the nicest we have seen in a long time. Priced To Sell Today!!!*

105) Massive Iron Door Knocker 15th-16th Century Spanish Morish. Outer surfaces decorated in a long series of punched tooth-like triangles. This circular ring is freely suspended through a similarly decorated iron cylinder, finished at both ends by wicked flaring spiked edges. It is an open cylinder, for its back end narrows to a pair of long iron flanges which once fixed the knocker to a thick door. The far end of one flange turns down at 90° and is pierced for nailing to the inside of the door. The short matching portion of the other flange is missing, probably broken off in the removal of the knocker from the door. This very rare example of antique ironwork probably came from a cathedral or a large public building. Its condition is fine (virtually indestructible). Knocker diameter: 6 5/8". Thickness of knocker: 1 3/8". Length of hinge + flanges: 4 1/4". Priced To Sell Today!!!* 106) Superb Collection Of 4 Giant Gothic Keys Circa 15-16th Century (22-19cm) from Germany!!! These are NOT ground finds and must have served as keys to a church or castle doors. Perfect add on to any medieval or antique sword or armor collection. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
107) CIRCA 1860 MUSEUM QUALITY CHINESE WOOD AND HIDE FLOOR DRUM, Large 30inch. Not restored - original rare mint condition! Extra nice and a great conversation piece!!! Priced To Sell Today!!!* 116) German Decorated Armada Iron Strong Box. Circa 1600 with original key. From the Estate of Varue W. Oishei. Museum quality piece. The hinged top and three sides having polychrome flowering-vine painted gilt riveted straps enclosing villages and seascapes, the sides with wrought iron loop handles. Height: 16in (40.6cm); Width: 32in (81.3cm); Depth: 16-3/4 in ( 42.5cm). Priced To Sell Today!!!* 117) Early 17th Century Carved Wooden Lion, 23" x 10" x 8". Exceptional, Impressive and Makes A Statement. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 120) Exceptionally Rare Austrian/German Archer's Shoulder Pavise, Circa 1480!!! Museum quality. Original unrestored image of St. George slaying the dragon, 25in. Comes from the collection of William Simmons, Ex-Secretary of the Treasury. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
125) Exceptional breastplate with lower lames circa 1505 from the Order of the Knights of Saint John during the Great Seige of Rhodes in 1522 and ivariably taken as War Booty. Very Reasonably Priced under US$9,500. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 127) Venetian Stone Capital 17th Century. Height 7 1/2 inches, diameter 6 inches. Appraised by Alice Duncan Levy the head of European Works Of Art Christies New York. Price $1,500. Contact Us Today!!!* 128) Exceptionally Rare 17th Century German trick lock with fully functinal key. To open one must first push to the left the upper triangle on the front (see fig. nr.2). The key door opens.  As soon as one turns the key two times, the lock locks. To open one must operate the  metal reinforcment strip on the back (see fig. No. 5) Material: Iron Size: 15,0cm X 8,5cm X 3,5cm Handle: 2.0 cm Weight: 677g Condition is very good. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 129) A very rare Mail Brayette German, Late 15th Century. Finely formed of close-set riveted iron rings of rounded section, swollen at the centre and extending over the thighs, 55 cm. wide Footnote: Provenance: Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, 24 June 1974, lot 146. Priced To Sell Today!!!*
132) A Gothic Christ circa 1480. It was re-mounted in the 17th century (a very common practice) on the current wooden cross with base. It is said to contain a relic of St Margaret. A very early and rare piece of European Catholicism. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 7) A NORTH GERMAN CLOSE HELMET, CIRCA 1560 BRUNSWICK Property Formerly in the Hanoverian Royal Collections:
With rounded one-piece skull rising to a roped medial comb and fitted at the nape with a plume-holder (the skull with an early patched repair and one small hole), visor, upper bevor and bevor attached by common pivots (replaced), each secured at the right side by a spring-catch with leather restored lifting-peg, the visor with stepped centrally-divided vision-slit and pierced with six rectangular and four circular ventilation holes and a pair of holes for the attachment of a brow reinforce, the prow-shaped upper bevor pierced with circular arrangements of ventilation holes, two gorget-plates front and rear 40.6cm; 16in high. . Priced To Sell Today!!!*
53) English Pikemans Armor. Breastplate, Backplate and Tassets. Add a helmet and buffcoat and you have a complete suit.Circa 1620.. Priced To Sell Today!!!* 62) French Gothic Twin Angels circa late 15th century 30 and 29 CM high. Exceptional condition with just a few dings. Contact Us Today!!!*
18) German Maximilian Armor composite circa 1530. Contact Us Today!!!* 33) Exceptionally rare squiggled English cuirass circa 1620. Contact Us Today!!!* 67) Ethed Cabbaset Italiuan Circa 1595. Contact Us Today!!!* 2) Black & White German 3/4 suit Circa 1570. Contact Us Today!!!*

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